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Figured I'd not posted in a bit as to the matter.
Well been over a year now without squad being called to the house for Trish.
For those that do not know Mouse has saved Trish's life 3 times now, He stayed beside her when she had her stoke and she used him to drag herself to the phone, and twice afterward he alerted me to her going into a seizure like state when her lupus attacked her brain.

Yesterday he stayed on her right her weak side while, I had her left helping her in and out of the pool.
Once she was in the pool he would lay in the shade and just watch her in the water on her floaty.

Once she got out the pool he took up official Cornhole judge duty.
Oh and official food cleaner upper for when the kids dropped food.

Funny how a 215lb dog can stay beside Trish anytime she was up and never get in the way with 20 people running around.

On lifeguard Duty

Trish out floating and griping I made her use spf 30.

Official Cornhole Judge duty

Making sure things don't get out of hand in a scoring debate.
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