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Trimming a Pomeranian

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A relative of mine has a Pomeranian that she has trimmed to keep the coat lower maintenance. She's also under the impression that it makes the dog cooler, though I'm skeptical of that. I was just curious if this was advisable or not. I would think since she's trimmed and not actually shaved, that her under coat would be left intact, so it'd be no problem, right? Aside from being lower maintenance I think it's incredibly cute. I'd be inclined to trim my own dog this way if I ever ended up with a pom.

Freakin' adorable, right??

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I have a Pom mix. He has long fur. I always shave him in the summer and trim his belly in winter. It does not keep him cooler but he drys off really fast with short hair. We go hiking and to the beach a lot so the short cut keeps him clean and dry.
Sounds like a shaved dog who gets to do all that stuff would be happier than one with a perfect coat that had to stay home. :) I wouldn't envy anyone who had to regularly clean mud and sand out of a full pom coat.
Yeah he is a tough little dog. He loves to swim and play in mud. All that long fur gets in the way. He loves his hair cut. It really is amazing how fast he drys off with the short fur.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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