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Trimming a Pomeranian

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A relative of mine has a Pomeranian that she has trimmed to keep the coat lower maintenance. She's also under the impression that it makes the dog cooler, though I'm skeptical of that. I was just curious if this was advisable or not. I would think since she's trimmed and not actually shaved, that her under coat would be left intact, so it'd be no problem, right? Aside from being lower maintenance I think it's incredibly cute. I'd be inclined to trim my own dog this way if I ever ended up with a pom.

Freakin' adorable, right??

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Its still a shave, just not a short shave. You can already tell her coat looks "off". No "trimming" it wont do a thing for the heat/cold and trimming like this can and still does ruin dogs coats. But yes she does look cute.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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