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I just wanted to create a fun thread to know what sort of commands your pups know! I figured this could also give new ideas of what else I can teach my dog :)

Mine knows the basic commands: sit, stay, come, ok, lay down, shake, drop it/leave it

Fun/more advanced ones:
- Roll over
- Where is your ball?
- Where is your toy? (she knows the difference)
- Bang bang (plays dead)
- Crawl
- Bring me your leash
- Back up
- High Five (she gets on her hind legs and high fives you with both paws)
- Spin

Work in Progress:
- Close/ Open the door. She's got the commands down but somehow she got them switched. She opens the door when I say close, and closes the door when I say open. I'm debating whether to just leave it as it is lol
- Talk/Speak (for some reason she backs up when she does this and hasn't been able to do it every time we ask her to)

How about your amazing pups?! <3

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I think this is all of them at this point in time. Not all completely proofed but he knows what they mean:
Drop it
Leave it
Look at me
Hang tight
Slow ( for stalking things in the woods, yeah yeah its just a fun exercise for bonding and teamwork, silly but fun )
The most useful of all- outta the kitchen!
No bite ( I was a clown teaching him this one- now it only works when said with a Steve Irwin accent lol )
Hup ( means jump over )
Bring me that ( can point at an object on floor he will bring it and hand it over )
Coop up ( helps me push the chickens into their coop )
Also responds to hand signals and working on slight tilts of my head for some obedience commands.

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My adults know:
Come/Name recall
Sit, Stay, Down, leave it, drop it, wait, kennel up, get in (a car), watch it (watch anything and make sue it stays where it is until I come get either the dog or the object.) Check (Bring a item to me before chewing or eating it - useful when off leash in an unfamiliar area or, visiting friends or relatives that may not have dog proof homes.)

Kaila, my 14 week old knows Come/name recall, sit, down, kennel up, get in, drop it. Working on leave it and down this week.

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Sam's general commands are, in no particular order:

Leave it
Up-up (jump up on a surface)
Off (put four on the floor, used either to stop jumping or getting down off a surface)
Touch (nose target)
Place (Go to the dog bed I'm pointing at and stay there - super useful in the kitchen)
Crate (Go in crate)
Free (general release cue)
With Me (informal heel)

Fun/trick commands in no particular order:

Spin/twirl (two different directions)
Dance (get up on hind legs and spin)
Perch (put front legs up on my forearm)
I've also worked on a leg weave, paw targeting and barking on cue, but those aren't reliably on verbal or gesture cues yet

Stuff he knows but we didn't intentionally teach him:

Various commands but in Norwegian (my wife sometimes forgets to switch to English cues for him, or he picks up stuff from my in-laws' dogs)
Dinner, Breakfast, Food, Treat, etc.
Walk, W-A-L-K (spelled out), "You wanna go for a-"
Let's go (moving on from a sniff/pee spot during a walk)
Beep beep (back up/move out of the way)
Thirsty, want a drink (we're getting out water on a walk or hike)
Get it! (go after a toy we're playing with)

I'm probably missing some stuff, too.

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In no particular order except 'as they come out of my brain'
Beg (sit pretty)
Spin (clockwise)
Twirl (counter clockwise)
Left (this is actually heel position, stationary or in motion)
Middle (same as left except between my legs)
Feet (cop-cop/walk with your feet over mine)
Leg Weaves (no verbal, this is contextual based on being at left and me stepping off with my RIGHT leg as opposed to left)
Weave - weave poles
Over (jump over a thing)
On (jump ON a thing)
Under (go under a thing)
Roll over
Play dead
Leave it
Stop (as in stop all motion and wait for me)
Get it (pick up anything thing I'm pointing at)
Bring it (whatever you have in your mouth)
Take it (from me and hold it)
Out (drop the thing you're holding in your mouth, usually tug)
Mark (back feet on a thing, front feet off)
Bounce (rebound off a thing or me)
Dance (hind legs and spin)
Tunnel (do the tunnel)
Get out (move laterally away from me to circle a thing going in that same direction)
Switch (change lead legs)
Crate up
Back (not walking backwards, just 'move back' to give me some room)
Other paw
Both paws (these three turns into a cute game of patty cake)
Spread 'em (stand up, paws on a thing, and get 'frisked')
Say hi (wave)
Go to - (person or dog name)
Find - person they live with, dog they live with, or toy they know by name
Leash - (for the small dogs this is paws up on a person to make attachment easier, for the big ones its 'stick your head through your slip leash').

And general words in life that get paired with commands:
They know one another's names, and the human names
Let's go
Do you want to play

I. I think that's all?

ETA: Oh, I forgot - going under, jumping over another dog, and 'hugging' another dog (sit pretty with paws around)

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This is fun! It's reminding me I really need to get training with Atlas again.

- Sit
- Down
- Stand
- Wait (this is probably the most useful thing he's ever learned)
- Stay
- Here (come)
- Paws (front paws on something)
- Up or 'Up Up Up!
- Ok! (full release from everything)
- Get in (finish left)
- Get around (finish right)
- Heel
- Slow (walk slow without scooching his bum on the ground, haha)
- Let's go! (go fast but in heel)
- Front (needs more work to proof this one)
- Tunnel! (his most favourite agility command)
- Over (jump) or Over with hand signal for roll over
- Around/go around (if he's gone around something and is stuck - also so handy!)
- Sit Pretty (also can be paired with a "Gimme 10")
- High 5
- What do you say?/Speak
- Wave
- Bow
- Back (with a finger wave)
- Touch (you can also tell him "go touch" and he will search out someone who is holding their palm out)
- Hold it (hand him an item and he will hold it)
- Drop it/let me have it (he doesn't always drop it, but will let me take it from him)
- Spin (left and right with hand signal)
- Open/Close doors (haven't totally proofed this one yet, but he will open them with something tied to the handle)
- On your bed/mat
- Out of the kitchen (means exactly that, he usually finds somewhere else to chill out)
- Go see Dad/Go get Dad (go to my boyfriend - "Go see Mom" isn't quite as consistent)
- Window (to run to the window to see who is pulling into our driveway - this he randomly picked up on his own)

I'm probably forgetting some, but this is most of them.

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Abby (Manchester Terrier/Dachsund mix) knows:
sit, down, stay, off, leave it, bang (she rolls on her back and plays dead), shake, and high five

Grace (Lab mix) knows:
sit, down, stay, off, leave it, bang, shake, high five, touch (she touches her nose to my pointed finger), go to bed, and she will leave a treat on her nose and not eat it until I release her.

Cooper (Chihuahua) knows:
sit (although the second his butt hits the ground, it pops back up), down (but it lasts 1 second), off (also lasts just a few seconds), shake, and high five (but with both paws, so should be "high ten"), and touch.

Dang! Cooper isn't that good of a student! I wonder if it's third child syndrome or if he's just a little brat?!?!?!??! Good thing he's so cute!!!!

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For Kai, enough to get our Trick Dog Championship and Trick Dog Performer and more.

-Leave it
-Heel and come to side

-Jump through arms
-Weaves through legs
-Figure 8 through legs
-Back up
-Circle handler backwards
-Hold object/hold and carry object/release to hand
-Hide face
-Shake/High five
-Roll over
-Roll up in a blanket
-Close door
-Turn off lights
-Touch object/and touch hand
-Put objects into box/drawer
-Open crate with rope/close crate with rope
-Put head inside cone and hold it there
-Sit pretty
-Sit pretty while holding onto object in arms/or hold object in mouth
-Spin both directions
-Wall handstand
-2on/2off on any incline/back up to anything and 2o2o
-Find all four paws on paw pods
-Jump rope
-Scent game (find the cookie under the pots/down on discovery)
-Up Up (jump up toward my face)
-Paws Up
-Say Prayers
-Go around object
-Put one arm around object (such as a pole, or Ember who hates it)
-Stand/walk/spin on hind legs
-Get a tissue on "achoo"/throw tissue away
-Go to mat/crate
-Play dead/side and "belly up" which is similar
-"Shake" with back feet and leg lift
-Working on limp.. she can lift up the front leg and hold it

+ Anything agility related that may count as a trick?

There is probably more. But that's all I can think of at the moment. Ember knows over half of them too but maybe not some of the more complicated ones. She recently got her TKP.

Ember also knows some tricks Kai doesn't.

-Nose boop (boops her nose to yours)
-She excels at putting all of her toys away in toy box from any distance with very little direction, Kai takes extra prompting
-Go under Kai
-Balance cookie on nose
-Hold many types of objects, hard and soft, in mouth for long periods of time
-Loop around handler and stand between legs.. whatever that trick is called

And neither of them know speak. Kai barks so often that I've only needed to teach her "quiet". :p Never will I ever encourage barking with this dog around. Haha.

Tricks are fun. :)

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I had no idea there were trick dog championships and such! Thats pretty dang cool. I need to get out more and check these kinds of things out.
You should look up "Do More With Your Dog". It's a low stress, fun, and challenging titling program. Not a ring sport, but still requires lots of training!

Soro has his Champion title in tricks and knows over 75 cues/tricks. If I counted visual and verbal cues separately it would be over 100. I'm working on around 70 with Brae but he will catch up. They both know all the classic tricks, to the point where when I demo with them I have people tell me what to show them.

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Myrrh's still learning, being only 13 weeks old, but she's caught on pretty quick to some things. She knows:

Go Potty (Go pee)
Go Poop
Come Here
Leave it (Still working on this)
Spin (Still working on this)
Let's Go (Means stop what you're doing and follow me)
Out of the Way (Get out of the way. She tends to stop right where I'm treading, LOL)
Lets go outside (Means playtime)
Wanna go for a walk?

There's probably a turd ton I'm leaving out, but for the most part, these are her major commands.
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