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Trick Training Videos

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I was just thinking that maybe we should have a thread dedicated to trick training videos - either tricks you've already taught, or ones that you're working on. That way we can all be inspired by each other to teach our dogs more and get advice along the way :)

Here are a couple of Kimma's videos:

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Yep, hoping lots of people will post videos:) Particularly of the play bow....
You mean the "take a bow" trick? I can post a video on that if you want.

Here is my channel:


I have a few dog videos on there.
Yes, that's it. I don't need a video of that it looks like though, more of how to shape it. If I try to lure it, they lie down. If I hold their butt up, Obi will do it, but only if I hold his butt up, and Pixie won't follow a lure at all if I'm touching her.
hmm I think its kind of hard to shape this. However IMO when you shape the end result is a lot more "tidy". I usually don't shape tricks (unless I have seen the dog doing it naturally), I prefer to lure. However I will post a video on how I did this so it will gives you some different ideas. Give me about a week to get this done...

My dog can do the handstand against the wall.

Oh and Guardian loves mud puddles

And Angel can do a backstall. Sorry its kinda near the end of the video
Cool! How did you teach this? I would love to train Eppy to do this one.
Basically a bit of luring and and bit of shaping

1. put you leg against a wall and encourage the dog to jump your leg. If he/she can't do that then lower your leg.

2. Start adding the word jump right before you lure the behaviour

3. Reward, reward, reward! I find frisbees and tennis balls work best for action behaviours like jumps as food has a natural calming property and toys do not.

4. Once you have the jump over your leg established you can now start to shape the behaviour of bouncing off the wall

5. with your leg up against the wall still enourage your dog to jump your leg, this time without the cue.

6. This part may take time: let the dog jump your leg without any reward (and keep in mind verbal praise is a reward so be quiet). Your dog will start to become frustrated, especially if they can see your ball/toy. This is when your dog will start throwing behaviours at you.

7. Eventually one of those behaviours will be the one of the feet hitting the wall. Mark and jackpot!! Lots of praise and chit chat!

8. Increase the criteria. Now you want two feet hitting the wall.

9. Increase further until you have all 4 feet hitting the wall. Mark and reward!
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1 - 8 of 46 Posts
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