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Trick Training Videos

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I was just thinking that maybe we should have a thread dedicated to trick training videos - either tricks you've already taught, or ones that you're working on. That way we can all be inspired by each other to teach our dogs more and get advice along the way :)

Here are a couple of Kimma's videos:

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I have 32 videos and all but a couple are of trick training, but here's the most recent one of Oliver. It's everything he knows up till a few days ago:

And one of some of Mouse's tricks:

And a few of Scout's:
I actually used a target stick to train the bow. Oliver first learned to touch the stick with his nose, no matter where. then I would put the stick in front of his legs, just below the chest, so Oliver would lean back a bit to target the stick. I then moved it further back between his legs, then lower and lower. I also clicked in position, but fed in the stand (as his butt would drop now and then), as by feeding in the stand, it's too much effort for him to drop his butt, then stand up for the treat. He now has a very solid bow!
Mine all work on down-stays while I'm working with one. they know it's not their time, and they hang out on the couch or the bed. they get the odd treat thrown their way to keep them happy.
I gave up on that one awhile ago... but I think I might just go back to it... hmmmn
Here's a video on how I taught Oliver to bow
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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