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Trick Training Videos

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I was just thinking that maybe we should have a thread dedicated to trick training videos - either tricks you've already taught, or ones that you're working on. That way we can all be inspired by each other to teach our dogs more and get advice along the way :)

Here are a couple of Kimma's videos:

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For the bow, try putting a treat (or a toy) under a low coffee table or the couch. My couch is is about 4 inches off the ground and I put the treat under it so that Eppy would have to reach for it. In the process of getting it he would go right into the bow position.
My dog bounces off trees
Cool! How did you teach this? I would love to train Eppy to do this one.
Haha I just realized that I asked you the same question on your youtube channel!

Eppy jumps over my leg just fine, all I need to do is lift it up. He does get confused when the wall is in the way. He will either jump, missing the wall altogether or will not jump and simply put his front paws on the wall. So far I have rewarded both. I'll give it a few more sessions and see what he does.
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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