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Trick Training Videos

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I was just thinking that maybe we should have a thread dedicated to trick training videos - either tricks you've already taught, or ones that you're working on. That way we can all be inspired by each other to teach our dogs more and get advice along the way :)

Here are a couple of Kimma's videos:

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Those are all awesome!!!

Obi is TOO cute. And Oliver is SUCH a smart guy! Mouse and Scout are just adorable :)

Anyone else have any videos? I was hoping to make this an on-going thing, as there are occasionally threads on here asking for trick ideas/help with said tricks :)
I can try to see if I can get Kimma to do a bow.... Oddly enough, I haven't tried it yet! I will let you know if we are successful :p
Pen and Bubbles are quiet in their crates, so they usually just go there. Or I put them in another room with a bone/chewy. Kimma carries on like a crazy thing, so I put her in a down/stay or let her lay on her mat while I'm working another. I've had to build it up, though, so I can get a decent training session in with another dog. One way I did this was but just putting her in the down/stay or on the mat while we were all outside in the yard - that way I could notice right away if she moved rather than allowing her to get away with moving because I'm busy with another dog. It's helped and she's great with it now :)

Here's what I worked on yesterday and today. I didn't get to do the bow because of this LOL:
We aren't finished with the handstand yet, but here's out first session trying it outside! Luckily I had this random fence panel to use LOL.

Here's my sequence on shaping a hold :)

Two more!

Here's the second video for shaping a handstand! We're basically done with it now :)

Ahhhhh I love Soro's video!!!

Oh. My goodness. Wally is ADORABLE. I love the throwing and the walking on two legs. SO CUTE. He looks like he loves it all, too :D
1 - 9 of 46 Posts
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