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My golden is almost 12. Starting about a year ago she started having minor tremors and consequent almost loss of balance. See video below. Lots and lots of tests. Blood work: normal (low thyroid under control with meds), urine: normal, brain MRI: normal, body xrays and ultrasounds: normal, appetite: normal, behavior: goofy (which is normal), weight: normal. She does have some minor arthritis in hips and spine and is on Deramaxx. She is also on allergy shots. The tremors bother her very little, she just looks a little surprised and then back to business. They happen 10+ times a day and not just when she is about to eat like shown in the video. They have gotten a bit worse with falling over almost happening. Given her age, the lack of a found cause and the fact that they don't really bother her, the vet recommends not treating. He is prepared to try other things if need arises.

So, just wondering if any one has ever seen this and might know what it is? Thanks!

Video: **http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpLDsH9ZHIM&feature=youtube_gdata
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