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Tremoring and tipsy puppy. need advice.

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Hello. Our 9-week old puppy shakes uncontrollably... He is happy, has an appetite, drinks, wags his tail, and yet he shakes when he lifts his head or stands, often falling over. He does not shake when he is resting. We had a blood test done. He is slightly anemic and has a slightly lowered white blood cell count but still within the normal range. He started doing this two days ago. Please give us suggestions! We are baffled.

Here is a link to the video of our puppy:
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Does he do this all the time or does it come and go? What does you vet suggest as a next step? It's against rules here to suggest diagnoses, but we can try to offer suggestions for things to talk to your vet or a specialist about.
It's not something I'd be comfortable waiting out, honestly. If he were my puppy, I'd be looking for a second opinion from a different vet, and get at least some idea if this could be something contagious like distemper or neurological. Are you in contact with his breeder or previous home, and if so do you know if this is new or something he's been doing for a while?
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