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Tremoring and tipsy puppy. need advice.

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Hello. Our 9-week old puppy shakes uncontrollably... He is happy, has an appetite, drinks, wags his tail, and yet he shakes when he lifts his head or stands, often falling over. He does not shake when he is resting. We had a blood test done. He is slightly anemic and has a slightly lowered white blood cell count but still within the normal range. He started doing this two days ago. Please give us suggestions! We are baffled.

Here is a link to the video of our puppy:
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I'd be looking for a second opinion too, perhaps call around and see if there's a vet in your area with particular expertise in neurological conditions. Sometimes vet colleges are sources of that kind of knowledge. The minute my regular vet seems stymied, I start looking for a specialist.
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