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Traveling with my beagle puppy

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Well, Abby is 4 mos old now and we are taking her on her first "long" trip tonight - 6 hours one way. I'm really nervous about the driving part of the trip AND the part where when we get there she'll have lots of little kids to play with and she's still really rough (biting). Any advice?
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If she's play-biting, I wouldn't let her play with the kids all at one go. It can be pretty overwhelming will definitely make her very excitable. Teach the kids how to approach her, and have them pet Abby instead of roughhousing. As always, she should never be left with a child unsupervised.

As for the car ride, remember to get her a seatbelt! That, or crate her in the car. If she's crated you can give her a Kong or a Nylabone to busy herself with.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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