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Traveling and Camping with Dogs

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Lately I've really had a severe itch to go camping. I usually do go camping in the summer with either the horses or the dogs but the desire has started early! It's too cold at night to camp yet (at least for me...I prefer to camp when I don't have to be bundled in a thick sleeping bag and right now it's still in the low 30s at night) and I can't find any pictures from my camping trips!

So, I know there are people on here who like to camp with their dogs; got any stories? Pictures? Tips? Certain products you use that makes camping easier with your dogs? Anything to calm my camping itch...lol
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I would also make sure dogs are micro chipped. They are in a strange place and with small or large wild animals even the best dog can run after one and end up lost ! I live in a small tourist town and see tourists trying to find thier dogs. It makes it so much easier to match a lost pet with its owner when they are chipped, collars and tags can get lost ! ALso I live in bear country where its NOT safe to tie up your dogs unattended and small dogs can be prey to large birds ( eagles, hawks, owls ).
I want a yellow labrador so badly. There is no better dog for the outdoors. My rottweilers are too much of a handful to relax...
LOVE camping and hiking with my dogs! And I love seeing everyone's photos. Here are some of mine. We go 2-4 times a year, up into the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York. Greyhounds Clifford (fawn) and Lucy (black) have both passed away, unfortunately. :( Jack is the brindle and Lela is the, um, non-Greyhound, LOL:

And this is what my dogs look like on the trip home, LOL! This was Lucy after a camping trip up at Rollins Pond, lol...

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Heheh this is Squash on the ride home... Fighting the sleep monster, and then losing...

And this lookout looks like your lookout! This is in the arrowhead of Minnesota, though (ETA: the far shore is actually Canada):

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I love this thread! So many lovely pictures.

I can't wait to take Nugget on hikes, but I keep reading seeing that puppies shouldn't be taken on hikes until 1.5 years, when the bones stop growing. Not just that, but she gets tired after half a mile of walking, so it's best to wait; but I know she'll love the mountains!
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