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Traveling and Camping with Dogs

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Lately I've really had a severe itch to go camping. I usually do go camping in the summer with either the horses or the dogs but the desire has started early! It's too cold at night to camp yet (at least for me...I prefer to camp when I don't have to be bundled in a thick sleeping bag and right now it's still in the low 30s at night) and I can't find any pictures from my camping trips!

So, I know there are people on here who like to camp with their dogs; got any stories? Pictures? Tips? Certain products you use that makes camping easier with your dogs? Anything to calm my camping itch...lol
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I haven't backpacked with the dogs but we do have a small RV that we take the dogs in a couple of times a summer. You definitely need a first aid kit which should include a tick remover and tweezers as well as the usual bandage and antiseptic kind of stuff. Benadryl is safe for dogs at a dose of 1 mg/kg (just like people). We have the liquid in case they run into something they're allergic to or get stung by something.

Bring a copy of the dogs' rabies and other immunization records just in case of an incident with other dogs or people. Make sure their collars are in good shape and won't be lost, as well as making sure their tags are securely on the collars.

We have tie outs that we use to attach the dogs to the outside of the RV and we put a 6 X 8 foot rug down outside so they can lounge and watch the world go by. Make sure there's some shade for them.
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