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Traveling and Camping with Dogs

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Lately I've really had a severe itch to go camping. I usually do go camping in the summer with either the horses or the dogs but the desire has started early! It's too cold at night to camp yet (at least for me...I prefer to camp when I don't have to be bundled in a thick sleeping bag and right now it's still in the low 30s at night) and I can't find any pictures from my camping trips!

So, I know there are people on here who like to camp with their dogs; got any stories? Pictures? Tips? Certain products you use that makes camping easier with your dogs? Anything to calm my camping itch...lol
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I camped with our dogs for years, but we didn't tent camp; we had a travel trailer. Four important pieces of advice - do NOT let your dog bark excessively when in a campground! This is very annoying to other campers, who are there to relax. Also, always clean up after your pets when they do their business, and don't let them go the the bathroom on other people's campsites. Third, don't leave your dog unattended, especially since you're tent camping. They aren't safe, and they are likely to bark non-stop. Lastly, always keep your dogs leashed. Loose dogs in a campground are a definite no-no.

Other than that - have fun!! The dogs (and you!) can get a lot of exercise if you like to walk or hike. Ours even learned to enjoy a campfire, especially on a cool night!
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