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Traveling and Camping with Dogs

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Lately I've really had a severe itch to go camping. I usually do go camping in the summer with either the horses or the dogs but the desire has started early! It's too cold at night to camp yet (at least for me...I prefer to camp when I don't have to be bundled in a thick sleeping bag and right now it's still in the low 30s at night) and I can't find any pictures from my camping trips!

So, I know there are people on here who like to camp with their dogs; got any stories? Pictures? Tips? Certain products you use that makes camping easier with your dogs? Anything to calm my camping itch...lol
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We go with the dogs somewhere every year. Two years ago (and a couple times 4+ years ago) we did the real tent-in-the-woods camping thing. We canoed out to a campsite on an island, which was great because we could let the dogs off leash the whole week. They don't swim, so we didn't really have to worry about them going anywhere. I found it way less stressful than being in a campground because there weren't a ton of people for the dogs to bark at or bother and we could just chill out and go canoeing. Of course, we're lucky that both the dogs like to sleep in the canoe so it's a joy to canoe with them. Our favorite thing is to get a campsite 1 lake away from the dropoff (preferably connected by a river). It's way quieter but not too much trouble to get to.

Things that helped us for general camping adventures:
-Dog lifejackets, because neither of our dogs like to swim and if we tip, we don't need the added stress of making sure our dogs aren't drowning.
-Flexi leashes for trails (if dogs must be on leash)
-A trip to the groomer before we left so both the dogs were shaved right down and couldn't get sticks stuck in their fur
-Some nice dog chews to keep them occupied
-LOTS of towels
-Collapsible dog crates- good for if you're staying in a motel or cabin

One thing that gave us a fright the first night was that as we were hanging the bear pack, SiSi got tired and went back to the tent. When we were finished hanging it we noticed she wasn't with us and it gave us quite a fright. After that we put her in the tent when we went to hang the bear pack and we were a lot more conscious of where Neeka was. Even though we were on an island, it was still scary. I guess I just want to stress how hard it is to find a dog in a dark forest.

I can't find my pictures from that trip (that was Restoule Provincial Park in Ontario). I do have our trip from last year, which was to Tobermory. My mother and I stayed in a cottage for that trip and did hikes from there.

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Is there a particular type of brand of lifejacket you'd recommend? When we get our pup this summer I'd like to get him used to canoeing and I want to start with a lifejacket. I've looked online but there seem to be a lot of different styles.
We've never tipped, so I can't say how well the ones we have work. We just went to petsmart and picked something up for SiSi. I can't remember where we got Neeka's. Something to look for is to make sure they have a wide strap underneath that looks comfy, because if they're in the water that's pretty much going to be supporting their whole body.

OH you guys are making me so jealous! I'm really excited to go camping for the first time with Caeda this summer!
Love the pics, and love the tips!
One tip that I might add, after reading Elliebell's post: A high-vis/reflective/light-up collar to turn on at night if the dogs aren't on leash. We made a light-up collar for our outdoor escapades at home after dark. So much easier to find a mostly black dog at night!
That's a fantastic idea. We'll definitely be doing something like that next time. I've seen specifically made LED dog collars, but probably even just putting a headlamp around their neck would do the trick. Maybe I'll look for something at Woofstock this year.
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