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Traveling and Camping with Dogs

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Lately I've really had a severe itch to go camping. I usually do go camping in the summer with either the horses or the dogs but the desire has started early! It's too cold at night to camp yet (at least for me...I prefer to camp when I don't have to be bundled in a thick sleeping bag and right now it's still in the low 30s at night) and I can't find any pictures from my camping trips!

So, I know there are people on here who like to camp with their dogs; got any stories? Pictures? Tips? Certain products you use that makes camping easier with your dogs? Anything to calm my camping itch...lol
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I'll second the first aid kit. I also love this book and take it with us on all excursions. It is excellent for the outdoors and has medication with dosages in it. http://www.amazon.com/Dog-First-Aid...=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1335286299&sr=1-4

- Plan for their water
- A good brush/scissors for any burrs that just won't come out
- Back up numbers on their collars
- Med alert tags if needed
- A good harness
- Extra leashes
- Muzzle. I always carry this in our gear bag when out as any dog - no matter how amazing can bite when in severe pain. If you have to pack (carry) a dog back out of a trail head injured - it is alot easier to do with the dog muzzled.
- Numbers/addresses/maps to the nearest vet's office and the nearest 24 hour vet's office.
- Rabies/vaccination certificate (copy - I don't camp with the original)
- Check the area for vaccines you may need. When camping in west Texas nothing extra was needed - in north Texas lepto is a needed vaccine (and it is carried by small furry creatures common around camp grounds).
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