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I was sharing this list of posh hotels from Destinations Magazine, and thinking about travel to stay with my friends and family

Before we had our Indoor pet potty we used puppy pads, yuck! They were okay in my home, where no one could see, but then we started traveling. Do you ever put off traveling with your dog because of puppy pads? You really can't visit your in-laws home and spread out puppy pads.

The piddle place is the perfect travel companion! It is light weight, build in handles, and a cover, make it perfect for tossing in the trunk of your car, and bringing into your hotel or friends home. Great on a boat, or setting the bottom of your dogs crate when traveling in the airport. I used to have to leave the airport to find "grass" and then pass back through security when I traveled.
piddle place for travel dog toilet puppy toilet catalog image.jpg

Thanks to all of you that help us help shelter dogs, and thank you for sharing the thought of traveling in style with your furry friend.

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