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My dog injured her back running in the snow. I think she jumped something and slipped and fell hard when she landed. I didn’t see it happen. She was ok until the next dat with only a slight limp. I think she was just so wound up running that she over adrenaline it. I’ve done it many times in my sports career. Playing hurt as we used to say.

We live in an apt. on the second floor. We almost always take the stairs but today we had to go to the vet and she could not walk or even get up. She weighs 57 pounds and I’m not allowed medically to lift this much especially as awkward as lifting a dog.

Fortunately one of the things I taught her was riding in our grocery cart.

Getting her in it was the challenge today. I solved it by rolling her onto two sweat shirts with the sleeves to the outside. I gathered the four sleeves and pulled them closely around her. Carefully I used my legs to lift her aboard. I tucked her feet in and made her comfortable. We went out the door and I called out “transporting injured dog”. At each blind corner down to the elevator. She rode nicely and simply laid her head down for most of the trip.

My old school station wagon has a multi position tail gate, it opens either side ways or drop down so it was easy to boost her in. At the vet the big girl came out and scooped her up without a problem.

Once we got home I placed her in the wagon again and we went up the elevator.

So the bottom line is that it’s a good idea to have a plan to transport an injured dog especially a larger dog.

Sorry for the poor pictures they were taken with my phone and for some reason a terribly distorted and rotated. I tried to fix them but was not successful.


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The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Sam got a pain injection and we got a couple prescriptions for pain and diet.
She laid around all day Sunday then got up briefly for some water. Then slept all night on a few of my dirty clothes that she likes to lay on.

Monday she was up and ready to go to work with me. A little stiff and unsteady. She slep almost all the way to work but got out of the car by herself and trotted tomthe end of her 60 foot leash. Potty stop and inside. It was only 15 degrees. Then by afternoon she was up and ready to go home.

She wanted to play with her toys after dinner so we did about 15 retrieves in the living room then she curled up for the night.

Today we got out in the field and she is about back to normal. It was down to 5 degrees so pretty brisk but even with her destroyed coat she didn’t seem uncomfortable.

I think she just over did it with her excursion at the marina. Probably slipped and fell as it was really slippery.

Her whole coat was covered with burrs and stickers. I was going to take her to a groomer friend but I didn’t want her shaved. So I sat with her and picked,pulled and clipped for about three hours until I got everything out. Her full brush tail that she is so proud of was like a steel cable with burrs. I had to cut most of the fur off so it’s just a little shaggy rope now.

I got a full plastic WalMart bag full of fur and burrs from her. I think she had tears in her eyes as I was trimming her.

She is back to normal now, maybe sticking a lot closer to me.

She is watching me very closely now and paying less attention to other dogs. So it’s good. I just didn’t want to hurt her or make this a bad experience that I caused in her mind. Ever careful and mindful training.
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