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I live in rural Alaska and we don't have much in the way of stores. I'm driving to Fairbanks later this week, and Jet the puppy has an appointment, so he's coming, too. He's outgrown his old airline crate. He has a crate in the house, but it's a giant one. I've ordered a more moderately sized crate that'll fit in the cab of my vehicle, but it hasn't arrived yet, and I'm not sure it will by when I need to go, because shipping here is ridiculous. Letting him loose in the vehicle for a multi-hour drive is so not an option if I want to arrive alive, and I think if I buckle him in with the dog seatbelt thing I have, he'll either escape or strangle himself in it. I've been asking around, but it doesn't seem that any of my friends have an appropriately sized crate I could borrow. Any ideas on how to safely contain him for the drive? I think he'd chew his way out of a cardboard box with airholes...I guess I could see if anyone wants to ride with me and wrangle the little guy, but that's a hassle.

He's only pushing 30 lbs now, but he's lanky.

Maybe the answer is "just reschedule" but I figured I'd ask in case anyone had a DIY solution I was overlooking.
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