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Transitioning from Overnight Crating

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I am a first time dog owner, and our dog is about 6 months old. The people we bought her from had her, as a puppy, accustomed to sleeping in a crate. We have always done the same, she sleeps in a crate at night. This was fine when she was a puppy, as she slept a lot, but now she seems to have much more energy. She is in there while we are in bed, and then for about 4 hours during the day and she seems restless. Unfortunately, it is my parent's decision, because they don't want her to "tear up the house". Is she spending too much time in there, and if so, is there a good way to transition her into having way more space when she's alone?

One more thing, my parents for some reason put a blanket over her kennel at night, so that she can't see out. I have always thought it was a stupid idea, because if she hears something, she can't see what it is. Does this matter?

Thanks a lot. :)
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Give the pup plenty of attention and exercise when you are home. Make sure that her house training is reliable. If you plan to get her spayed, her house training may lapse temporarily after the surgery. Make sure she has a Kong and hard rubber bone to chew on, and that she doesn't chew furniture or electric cords.

For the moment, keep her in the crate when you can't watch her.

I was conservative and did not let my dog have the run of the house - day or night - until he was a little over a year old. I looked for a few things:
He could stay in my room and sleep, even if I went to the kitchen (He didn't have the need to follow me).
He didn't try to chew on anything, except his toys.
If he was trying to sleep and I was making noise, he'd go into another room to sleep.

BTW, I like the blanket over the crate, b/c it reduces distractions... the dog can learn to ignore sounds.
If he had to go potty, he'd whine and come get me (or ring the bell on the back door).
I knew I could trust him when he had to throw up and he came to get me to let him out...
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