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Put the scary thing on the ground, keep him far enough away from it that he's not acting scared, and give treats. Make it so every time he sees the scary thing, he gets treats. Don't rush it, and slowly work up to being closer to the thing. Eventually, you can hold the thing and feed him treats. Then you can encourage him to sniff it, and give treats for that. Eventually, work up to just tapping his side with it, and giving treats. (but DON'T rush this! ONLY do it when he's comfortable, as with all of the steps.) Then work up to longer contact.

Then, with the collar, start to place it on his neck briefly, just resting it on top of his neck while you hold it, rewarding for that. Then work up to draping it over his neck, then to buckling it- remove it immediately, and give treats. (If the clicking noise from the buckle bothers him, work on opening and closing the buckle while he's not wearing it before trying this.) You can eventually start to leave it on for longer.

With the nail clippers, start tapping it to the top of his feet, then to his nails. Also get him used to you holding his feet (either while he's standing or lying on his side). When he's used to you touching his nails with the clipper (but not cutting them yet) AND to you holding his feet, combine those- hold his feet and tap the clippers to his nails. Next, while holding his feet, get him used to the sound the clippers make by trimming dry pasta. SLOWLY work up to trimming his nails- start with just doing one tiny trim to one toe and throw a "party" for him. Then trim a little more, and so on.

You need to get him used to these things slowly, never force it on him or do more than he's comfortable with. It will likely take a week or more to get used to the collar, though some dogs get it faster. For the nails, it could take a couple months. It will take time and patience, but eventually he'll get it. Just remember that these human customs like trimming nails and wearing collars are very weird and scary to dogs, so patience and understanding is important
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