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So, this is my plans and what I want in http://www.dogforums.com/3-dog-training-forum/44305-decreaseing-her-bubble-will.html.

Anyway, in order to make myself actually do it, I need someone to talk to it about with. That’s where you guys come in. I’m gunna post what I did on a day and what happened. If this needs to be put somewhere else, please do.

So, Saturday, I went up to the park with Fry and my sister’s friend’s dog, Oreo. After a quick play session, I had Oreo and her handler walk about 350 yards away, asked Fry to pay attention to me, and did some really simple training. (“Fry, come! Fry, Sit! Good girl. Oaky.”) We move a bit closer and repeat. After just a little bit, Oreo’s handler gets bored. I walk up to them, let Fry play with Oreo, and we go home. It was pretty good, but not that useful for my goals because
A. She knew Oreo and knew who the other dog was before hand and
B.) I let her run up to Oreo the last few yards. She was about to bolt, so I gave her the green light. My reasoning was that I want to wait for my go-ahead before she does anything, so I’d rather give it to her before she reaches the point where she WILL break. Is this actually backwards?

Sunday and Monday no one was there.

Today, I’m up there and I see a pittie about 500 yards away. I was about to turn around, but they leashed up their dog, so I used it. I stop, wait until she looks at me, and reward as she comes running back. The two of us slowly get closer and closer. In the end, we where maybe 400 yards away, and Fry was far to focused on my and the treat to really care. We call it quits, turn around, and go home.

I think the other owners were doing something similar, too. I’d see them stop, the dog stop staring us down, and continue.
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