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Training dog to hunt moles

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Hello, first post here!
I have a 3 year old rat terrier that I would like to teach how to hunt moles. He shows what I think are good signs that he would work well at it. He’s a rat terrier so hunting small rodents is in his wheel house, he’s fast, energetic, agile, listens fairly well, shows signs of hunting when asked “where is it?” He goes on a frantic search looking for his ball. I am asking this as I am fertilizer manager for a lawn care company and would like him to help work lawns that have mole problems that poisons aren’t wanted at.
So what can I do to help make him flawless at this, and what are some things to be aware of? such as rabies.
just a reminder I’ve never sat down and formally trained any dog at anything

thank you!!
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