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Training Dog in New Backyard - Help!

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Hi all!

After a year of having to walk my down all the way down the street to finally get him to do his business, we finally sprung for getting a fence put in our back yard, so that he can roam free.

Unfortunately he has not taken to going to the bathroom there on any regular basis, no matter how badly he has to go.

After an entire day of him not going, I'll finally break down and leash him and walk him out front and he'll pee IMMEDIATELY.

Here's what I've tried...

1. Just not walking him at all, but eventually I break down for fear of him getting a bladder infection or sick from not pooping.
2. Leashed him and walked him the perimeter of the yard, for at least 30-45 minutes multiple occasions, to no avail.
3. Bringing over the family dogs and letting them pee/poop back there (he'll go right away, but once they're gone, no dice)
4. Sprayed a bush I planted for him in hopes of coaxing him to pee on it with the phermone sprays, I've also sprayed the fence and grass.
5. Playing ball with him but eventually because he has to go so bad he stops playing
6. Giving him treats as SOON as he DOES on the rare occasion goes to the bathroom.

If I take him over my parents who have a big yard, he pees/poops with no problem. About the only time he'll even consider pooping in our back yard is if he sees a neighborhood dog and runs back and forth along the fence even stimulates having to go.



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Do you use a cue to tell him when to go to the bathroom? If you don't, start training one. Take him out front for now and give him the command(whatever you'd like it to be, I use "go potty" lol), and as soon as he goes, act like he just did an amazing thing, maybe the best thing ever! Once he's got that down, take him into the backyard, on his leash. Don't let him go around the whole yard, stand still in one place and give him the command, and wait for him to go. It might take a bit, at first he'll probably try to pull you around the yard. But don't give in, you'll have to teach him that potty time is all buisness, and he can't do anything fun until he's gone. Once he has, make an even BIGGER deal out of it than when he went in the front yard, you could even give him a treat or two, or play a fun game of fetch of he loves that :)

Good luck :)

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Also, don't replace walks with letting him out in the back yard by himself. Some dogs do need exercise to go, especially to poop. And all dogs need exercise to be healthy and well behaved.
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