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Training advice needed please :)

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hi i have a 1 and half year old dog, Mixed breed. we have trained her to use the garden for her business, we have trained her to sit, stay and stuff like that but we are having problems,

she doesnt listen to us, if we open the front door she wont go into the garden if we tell her not to, but when we say she can go out she runs so fast and doesnt care who or what is in her way, she has knocked over my 3 year old daughter, and even scratched our feet she runs that fast if we dont have our shoes on.

also say we go out the gate and she gets out if we shout her back she will come back but before we have chance to get her in the house she runs off again and it takes a while to get her back in.

we have tried telling her off for it but she just does it again,

Has anyone had this problem with there dog/puppy or is still having this same problem, If so how do you deal with it ? any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
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You need to ensure she has had enough exercise to start, she has learnt she gets your attention my running away. Ted occasionally tries this, he wants you to Chase him, he's just over a year old and I think it's a puppy thing, it's his way of playing, but not acceptable by our standards, by dog standards yes. When he tries this I ignore him, but point at the grass or something, pretend I'm picking something up and say "what's this", he normally falls for it and comes over, then I tell him to sit. Or I pick a stick or a toy up and say the same, wave stick or squeak toy, he normally comes running over :p just don't go chasing her, because that's wht she wants. I also have the same problem getting his to go out to toilet, I walk out the back door to the steps up the garden and say "go wee" and he starts to go up, if he stops they I touch his tail and tell him to go on. He goes up then, when I'm opening the door, in or out. I tell him to wait before I go, I hold my hand in front of him and say "wait", she'll get it eventually, she's testing you grounds
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Thank you for your quick reply, think it is defo a puppy thing lol :) thank you i will try that, i will make sure i always have one of her toys close by lol, and when i tell her to wait she does wait its just when i tell her to come she will but does it really fast and knocks my 3 year old over, its like she cant walk she has to run everywhere and doesnt seem to care who or what is in her way, i will tell her to stop sometimes she doesnt then when i tell her she can go out again she will just run and knock things over, she has actually run that fast before she has ran into the door head 1st. i just really dont know what to do about it. Its really hard too because we do love her she just needs to stop because she is gonna hurt one of us one day because she is a biggish dog. Thanks for the advice about if she gets out :) i really appreciate it :) defo gonna try it next time she goes out x
I don't think it's a puppy thing. This is a hyper dog who doesn't understand boundaries or recall and it won't correct itself. And telling her off won't help.

Teach your dog to 'wait'. Have her wait before you open the door, have her wait before she exits. Keep her on a leash for a while.

You also need to teach your dog recall. This can take a long time to learn but it is extremely important. Start on the leash for training it and the key is to make coming to you and staying there a great thing.
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