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Hi everyone! I’m looking for some advice, I got a pug puppy less than a week ago (he’s still very young only 10 weeks) but we decided to start trying to train him using the puppy training mats since he hasn’t got his second vaccine yet.

He isn’t using the mats at all but I was expecting that as he’s still only young, strangely he has been walking from one side of the room over to his bed to go toilet in his bed and then a while later lying down in the bed. The last day or two he is trying to sleep on the training mat.
I only noticed today in a picture on the ad from before I bought him and all of the pups were in a bed covered in the training mats which explains why he’s going toilet in his bed and not being able to separate them both.
I’ve tried treats for when he goes toilet on the mats but he doesn’t like them, I’m thinking about changing the mats to newspaper to see if that helps him but I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I can do?
Thanks in advance

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It sounds like he pup is already getting confused about the difference between his bed and the training mats. Dogs often don't understand the different between puppy mats, carpets, or their own bed. I think it would be best to train him to go outside, but bring the mat and put that on the ground first so he doesn't actually touch the ground.

Then, when your pup has completed his vaccines you can remove the mat entirely.
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