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Training a Herding Dog to Jog

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We adopted our half German Shepherd half Queensland heeler about a month ago from a shelter. She was a stray and had never been trained, and she's now about a year old. She has learned soooo much and we are so proud of her! One thing I am not sure how to train her on is to jog next to me. She walks very well on a leash (Save a few exciting puppy ADD distractions now and again), but whether on a leash or off, if I try to jog or run with her, she wants to play and herd me. She will jump up and nip at me. I try telling her 'no' and keep going, and when she continues to jump and nip, I then stop, get her to calm down and make her sit and obey me, which she will do. As soon as I try again, she continues the herding/nipping/jumping behaviour. She is a very sweet dog and listens and obeys most of the time. I have only just started trying to train her to jog next to me nicely and would like some advice on how to do this properly, as I don't see it on the dog training sites I've been visiting (which have been so helpful otherwise!).

Thanks much! :)
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I had the same thing with Betty when I had her. She would go at my heels anytime I went into a run. How I cured that is to start with a good heel. Once you are walking good with your dog next to you, then you can work up to a fast walk. Once you reach a fast walk, you can up it to a slow jog for short distances, just keep working on it. Eventually you will be jogging with your dog next to you. It took Betty about 2-3 months to get to where I can run with her next to me or in front without her going after my heels. But I think the key to it is a good heel first, set some rules and boundaries. Then work your way up from there.
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