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Training a Herding Dog to Jog

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We adopted our half German Shepherd half Queensland heeler about a month ago from a shelter. She was a stray and had never been trained, and she's now about a year old. She has learned soooo much and we are so proud of her! One thing I am not sure how to train her on is to jog next to me. She walks very well on a leash (Save a few exciting puppy ADD distractions now and again), but whether on a leash or off, if I try to jog or run with her, she wants to play and herd me. She will jump up and nip at me. I try telling her 'no' and keep going, and when she continues to jump and nip, I then stop, get her to calm down and make her sit and obey me, which she will do. As soon as I try again, she continues the herding/nipping/jumping behaviour. She is a very sweet dog and listens and obeys most of the time. I have only just started trying to train her to jog next to me nicely and would like some advice on how to do this properly, as I don't see it on the dog training sites I've been visiting (which have been so helpful otherwise!).

Thanks much! :)
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The way I have dealt with this is to teach the dog first to walk on a loose leash with head at my left leg in heel position.. and to sit when I stop. Essentially, train the dog to heel. Then work on speed transitions.. rewarding for the heel positions and teaching the dog to keep up with you from slow to fast and BACK from faster to slow and to stop.

Train changes in direction at slow speeds and then at fast sepeeds. Before stopping, straighten up taller and THEN stop, expecting the dog to sit upon stopping. he straightening up warns the dog that stop is about to happen. Never change direction with no warning.. and a warning requires you to use the same foot work for the change BEFORE the change.

The point is to train the dog to heel no matter the change in speed or change in direction or stopping. I did this with a 4 foot leash and a clicker and treats.. adding the voice command and using "touch" and my hand as a guide for proper position set up.

When your dog understands what it is to heel, if he jumps at you or does any other non desirable (non heeling ) behavior, IMMEIDATELY STOP and ask for a sit (ask if the dog does not do it automatically).
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