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Training a dog to heel

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thought this article might be of interest to some people here.
i have owned - or rather been owned by dogs all my life, have been training for over 3 decades and actively involved in rescue for the past 2 decades, as well as therapy work. so hopefully this article will help someone

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Interesting..after teaching a dog to heel is it able to stay by your side when jogging or is this trick only good for walking?
Nope, the entire point of heeling is that your dog stays TIGHTLY by your side no matter what your pace is, including sitting when you stop. That said, it's not really what you want for jogging- it's not particularly relaxing for the dog, and you'd be MUCH better served by just a dog who was well-trained to walk on a loose leash.

I don't care for the method used in the article, although I've used it in the past. I end up with dogs that DO heel, but not as prettily or as enthusiastically as I'd like.

Here's a video of me and Lizzie playing in the front yard - I made it to demonstrate some specific handling errors that I see frequently and Lizzie's heeling is still VERY much only a WIP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l-lpgOQUpU - from 1:08-1:14 is the closest she gets to perfect- she matches her pace to mine, she lengthens her stride when I speed up, and she has her head and tail up and is having FUN. Right now, all I'm focusing on is accurately finding that perfect spot - RIGHT by me, not wide, not forging, not wrapped in front of me- and reinforcing for that. Duration (the length of time she heels) and automatic sits will come later.
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