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Bella has a check-up with the oncologist on Thursday, so I'm definitely going to ask him about this - I mentioned it at her last appt, but he didn't seem too concerned - but I said that I thought it was acid reflux, sinus drip or something irritating her throat.

I did some research yesterday, because the huffing & gagging started again and more frequently than in the past. I found a You Tube video with a vet (Veterinary Secrets / Dr. Andrew Jones?) whose dog has the same issue and he was able to trigger it - and it was exactly the same thing Bella's been doing. I'm relieved that it probably isn't cancer related, but it's worrisome just the same.

Does anyone have experience with this problem? Did anything help? The video suggests herbal remedies (like Rescue Remedy?) - I would like to try honey, but with a cancer history, she has to avoid all sugars. I'm not going to walk her with a collar anymore - although with a missing front leg, a body harness doesn't fit real well.

Poor Bella Boo :(
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