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Hello everyone,

I'm brand new here, in fact this is my first message. My fiance and I got a brand new dog yesterday from a local shelter who loves to play (with toys, balls of yarn, people, other dogs, everything). We live with my parents, and they have two dogs themselves. So now, in this house we have three dogs (Makin', Yummie and Turkey - our last name is Bacon so we theme our names around that) and they're all getting along well so far. There's been a few disputes, but those are to be expected.

My question is actually related to one of my parents' dogs. When we got him from the shelter (all our dogs are rescues) he had a broken jaw that had never quite healed properly. I've attached a picture of his face - you'll notice his tongue always sticks out because his jaw is not aligned properly. Since we got this new dog, we had to go out and get her some toys. She loves to chew on things so we got her a flavored rawhide bone, which all three dogs seem to love. Unfortunately, Makin' (the dog with the broken jaw) really wants to chew on these but we can't let him because our vet said it could make his broken jaw worse.

So, I'd like to know if there are any good flavored toys that are good for dogs who have had broken jaws. We've tried giving him socks, lambskin toys, and balls of yarn but these don't interest him. All he wants are these rawhide bones and it's breaking our heart that we can't let him enjoy them along with the other two.

Here's his picture:

If anybody has any advice, we'd really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

~Ev & Bron
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