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Toy I.D.

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Looking for more of these...got it about 15 years ago, no idea were. Green

If anyone has a clue where I can get more, please let me know, thanks.
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I love these kinds of challenges, but I think I need to admit defeat. I couldn't find any ball with a built-in rope-like handle, or anything with quite the same texture of spikes. I found the most texture variety searching "dog spiky dental toy", but I think "dog tug ball" got more results that were closer in spirit to what the toy looks like. Maybe a spiky dumbell toy would be a good compromise? Seems to be a lot of variety of texture, but they're mostly one solid piece of plastic/rubber.
Oh, I know the pain of trying to find a squeaky toy a dog loves but won't destroy in two days max.

I feel like I'm getting closer with the Ruffin' It Spikey Squeakers - they look similarly textured.

I'll try looking some more, but maybe tomorrow. Getting pretty late here.
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I gave it a good go. But I think I need to admit defeat.

Since the toys I mentioned last post seem to be difficult to find in stock (possibly no longer in production), I did find some alternatives you might want to look into? (I did find them listed here but I know nothing about the site and can NOT speak to the legitimacy or security of the seller). All of the following are available on Chewy and probably elsewhere, and seem to have good reviews on that site. I just wanted to make sure there was at least one source you could realistically order them from if you wanted to try.

Kong has the Squeezz line, which has textured squeaky bones, balls, and sticks (some in this line crackle instead of squeak, so just be careful when ordering), and the SqueakStix toy, which claims to be good for tug if you do a lot of that. None of them have the particular spiky texture from the original, though.

JW has the Ruffians series, which are animal shaped have have one large ball and a smaller bit you can use as a handle. Not as nice as the long handle of the original, and also not textured the same way.

Gnawsome has a selection of more spiky squeaky balls and bones, if you want something closer to the original texture. I have no experience with this brand, but they do get decently high ratings on Chewy from the looks of things.

Let me know if you remember any other details about the original (where you bought it, whether it was advertised specifically for tugging or throwing, if there's any words printed on it anywhere) and I'll do some more digging. Like I said, I can't resist these kinds of hunts and now I'm invested in figuring it out too, lol.
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Another dead end, I'm afraid.

I'd guess it's well and truly out of production, and may never have been sold online, given how many similar products I've found without stumbling across it. I wish you luck in finding something decently similar!
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