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Hey guys!

Matt from Penny's Choice here! We are a new sponsor to the site and wanted to make our first post be about tough squeaker toys.

The goal of our website is to offer awesome products that solve the typical problems dog owners face, and one of the worst is finding toys that last. We had a vet recommend our Tuffy Toys brand after Penny had to get surgery after eating the arm of a monkey from Pet Smart.

The toys are ranked on a scale from 1-10, 10 being almost indestructible. We do not sell anything below an 8 because Penny can destroy their 6s and 7s. The 8s are fun, but there are small parts that Penny can chew. If you have a destructive chewer, try out the 9 and 10! The mega ring is great for tug of war, fetch, and all kinds of chewing!

Check out our selection in the Tough Plush/Squeakers section of the site.

We just finished a total Engineer Review, and will be posting it tomorrow, so look for that!

Get excited, because they did great in our study.

Happy chewing!!
Matt and Penny :rockon:
Penny's Choice
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