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ToTW puppy food?

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Does anyone use to ToTW puppy food? right now we have Snow on SImply Nourish but not sure i really wanna keep her on it. I was thinking of ToTW since i know alot of people reccomned it and use it for adults but has anyone used the puppy fourmla, and is it good? Gonna call around the local vet supply places out here to get prices but was just wondering on how good of a food the puppy one is, and which is the best of the two flavor.

thanks in advance :)
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I feed both Puppy and the "adult". TOTW used to be All Life Stages which meant it was just one formula that was good for puppies, adults and seniors but they changed it to have a "puppy" formula which from my understanding only varies by 1-3% in proteins and fats between "puppy" and Adult".

Bella thrives on fish based foods - but she's a Siberian Husky. I've fed Pacific Stream puppy and adult and I'm now putting her on High Prairie (puppy) to give her some change and she's had no problem with either of them.
ah ok, i wasnt sure cause i had read how they changed from all life stagies into the puppy and the adult.

thanks for the input Niraya :) hopeing to get to the feed store tomorrow to pick some up hopeing it isnt going to be to rich for snow hehe :( we have problems when it comes to real rich foods with winter xD
You're welcome! :)

If you go to their site they give the percentages of the food right on there so if you go look at their different formulas comparing the puppy to the adult version there isn't much of a difference.

Basically it was just easier for people to go "well you have a puppy so hear feed it TOTW puppy!" instead of "TOTW has a really great ALS food!" and the customer going "But they don't have a puppy food? Blue buffalo has a puppy food - why is TOTW better when they don't have a puppy food?" xD

I don't think it will be too rich just do a really really slow transition.
lol yeah, we have a good amount of the stuff she is on left so we will be able to do a nice slow transition.

plus she seems really bored with the stuff she is on she looks at it like... this... what is.. this >.>
That's how Bella was on 4Health. They didn't have a fish based food when I was feeding it and she THRIVES on fish based foods so we switched to Taste of the Wild - which she absolutely loves. Though every so often I go back to Holistic Select fish based food since that's what I fed her initially and she loved.
ahh, im hopeing she will like the fish based, since im planning on getting her that if anything, ill do like you asid and just switch it with the other once in a while, keep it differnet.
Im confused. I just bought TOTW last week, There is no puppy version. Is this new in the last week?
Im confused. I just bought TOTW last week, There is no puppy version. Is this new in the last week?
No. It's been out for awhile - The one store I buy from just got in the puppy formulas last week so don't feel bad :D
hahaha. Wow Maybe I should go look for it when I am in the feed store. I don't feed puppy food anymore. I like their all lifestages that way when I get another pup I don't have to switch
Their ALS became the "adult" food. But essentially it's not much different from the puppy - like I said about a 1-3% difference between proteins and fats and whatnot from the puppy version of the food to the adult.

I feed both puppy and adult to Bella lol.
Oh wow I did not know that! I switched back to solid gold wolf king, she likes it much better. I think I will watch out for that because all of a sudden she will not eat totw but will eat wolf king.
Bella loves her taste of the wild. But she really loves any fish based foods so. It's hard for me to say xD.
i cant wait to try it mostly since Snow has pretty much lost all interest in the food she has right now ._. lol
I think its the fact that I used to feed half raw but if there is no meat in her foot she says forget this. She eats in her own time because she realizes Im hungry and thats all mommy is giving me.
Our new puppy is almost 100% transitioned to TOTW puppy, high prairie. So far so good, she loves it, but she's also a food hound so...lol Luke whose 2 has been through all 4 of the "adult/ALS" flavors. He loves TOTW and does great on it, better on the high prairie and lamb formulas than the other 2. Before we switched him to TOTW he was not very interested in his food, but has always gobbled up the TOTW.
we were gonna go get it today but since nothing seemed to go right i have to get it tomorrow, one more night of the other stuff for tonight, she is so mad xD
Some dogs do well on the fish variety and not the prairie, my dogs did well on prairie, but not so well on the fish. If one variety doesn't work, don't completely rule out TOTW. I think they also have one with lamb and one with duck, chicken, quail and turkey.
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