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Why should we groom our pets, especially our dogs, apart from the aesthetics we enjoy?

Well, we’re going to give you the top 3 reasons why grooming our animals is a good thing.

3) Grooming Keeps A Pet Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Okay, perhaps not wealthy, but grooming keeps a pet healthy. It cleans the fur, the skin. Some dogs do try and lick themselves clean, but unfortunately they don’t have the right saliva like cats do, so they end up just not smelling good (and not being that clean). A good grooming will give a dog or a long-haired cat that same feel we have after a good shower and shampoo: being clean.

2) The Healing Touch

To groom, you must touch the animal, and touch is so important. It connects us to the pet. We all know how good it feels to pet our favourite fur baby; bad days melt away, gloomy spirits lift. And that’s just us. Our pets react the same way. Kitties sometimes have problems cleaning themselves and it depresses a cat to be dirty. A dry shampoo session will do wonders to lift our kitty’s spirits, as will a wipe down with somewipes for the kitty who just isn’t good at cleaning himself. A dog will feel so much better when he’s clean and silky and looking his best.

1) Keeping The Balance

Cats can keep their skin and fur in tip top condition with their naturally inbuilt grooming abilities. But our poor doggy friends often suffer from many different skin conditions. Dry and scaly skin, red patches; dry patches, brittle fur, tangled, fur, dull fur. Ugh. The problem with delicate dog skin and dog skin conditions is so many people don’t know how to tell the difference between different products or even know they can help their pooch.

A good grooming regimen of products perfectly balanced for your pet’s skin and fur will make a world of difference.

A dog that’s been groomed and had his skin soft and supple and moisturised, his fur soft and silky and tangle free, will be a dog who doesn’t shed excessively, a dog who doesn’t scratch all the time, a dog who is relaxed and feeling good about himself. It’s about the balance. And hey, looking good to boot? It’s that lovely extra bonus from grooming.

Our range of organic and natural pet grooming products for dogs are, quite simply, wonderful. Everyone who tries them raves about them, and notices the incredible difference pre-Royal Treatment groom and post-Royal Treatment groom.

Check them out here: www.royalpetclub.com
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