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Tooth extractions

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My dog had a dental appointment today. The vet pulled 8 of her teeth. I was a bit alarmed, as that seems like a lot at one time. She had 4 from the back removed and they pulled her front, bottom teeth. I noticed before bed that one side of her face is extremely swollen. Is this normal? I plan to call the vet first thing in the morning. Anyone else experienced severe swelling with their dog after extractions? Is it normal for the vet to taken out so many teeth at once? Thanks
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If the teeth were causing problems, it's better that they're all pulled at once, rather than making the dog go under anesthesia multiple times. It's not unusual for quite a few to have to be pulled, especially if there's something like gum disease going on or it's a breed prone to tooth problems. The swelling I'm not sure about, and it's a good idea to call your vet and check with them if it's normal!
Hi, Thank you very much for the response! Your explanation makes sense, especially since she is getting older. My Bella and I have been together 8 of her 10-11 (estimated) years and I can hardly bear to see her in pain. She is still quite swollen on one side, and seems miserable. Hopefully, she will bounce back quickly! Thanks again, B & B
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