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Well, my mom begged me to go to this "Celebrate America" festival, so I cleared it with the people there and took Shippo along. When we first entered the festival, I was totally floored by a guy who came up to me and went "OMG is that a Fluffy?!" We had a conversation and he led me over to his wife who was running a table, and she cuddled Shippo. Throughout this festival, we were continually mobbed by people asking what Shippo was and if they could pet him... Shippo soaked up the attention like a sponge LOL.

I went mainly because I was curious about some dog training exhibition they had listed as an activity... well that was a let down... just a "Sit Means Sit" expo, with the guy having the dog do all this performance WITH the shock collar on... that makes me wonder if the dog depends on that collar like forever in their program.

I put Shippo in a down-stay and watched anyway while I ate some cotton candy. The "Sit Means Sit" expo was right by the best shade on the grounds. Since Shippo was being good, I gave him the last tiny bit of my cotton candy, which got stuck to his nose and had him making funny faces trying to lick it off LOL. The trainer guy kept sending his dog over by Shippo, it seemed kindof purposeful. Not sure why.

Toward the end, several kids kept running up and getting in his face and I had to tell them to go away. Poor doggie etiquette lol.

I took a couple pictures... since this is mainly the story of our experience, I figured it would be okay in General Chat. >^_^<

This one was taken right by the "St Means Sit" expo.

A nice relaxing pic >^_^<

All in all, we had a nice time, even if I was disappointed in what the "dog training" thing turned out to be.
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