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Took my dog to be spayed today...

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We took our 6 month old dog to the vet today so she can be spayed. I am just worried for her, I guess. Anyone who has had their dog spayed, please offer any suggestions for when we pick her up.
Thank you.
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Ask vet for several days of pain meds.
Dog may not eat/drink much the day of surgery. May seem lethargic and uncomfortable.

Get some Cortizone cream, and after a day or so, put it on the shaved area near, but NOT on the incision. The prickly hair growing back in the shaved area can really make them want to lick/bite that area. The Cortisone helps. Vet may give you a cone for the dog to wear. You might want to pick up a soft cone instead as most dogs seem to really hate the hard plastic cones. I took mine off my dog after a day, and just kept her in the same room with me and taught her "No lick". I'd put it back on if I had to leave her alone.

Dog shouldn't run, jump or climb stairs for about 10 days to two weeks. Going for short quiet sniffing type walks is usually fine.
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