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Took in stray and she has problems w/our dogs. HELP!

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Hey everyone, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

We have two dogs (12 yr old Cairn & 8 yr old Shih Tzu) and my sister brought home a 9 mo-1 yr old stray, around 30 lbs, we think she is part beagle, part doberman (a beagleman).

Anyway, Chloe (we named her) exhibits the normal puppy behavior, chews everything etc. The problem we have is she always wants to play with the other dogs and they do not want to play with her! Saying Chloe no! has no effect, neither does a firm tap on her snout. We have no idea what to do and basically my mom plays baby-sitter to all of them! haha. Chloe basically aims to torment them. She is really smart and will get this look on her face and just paw them. I mean its funny but makes the other two mad, especially Pancake (shih tzu). I rescued Pancake last year before I moved home and she is basically a big baby. She was a puppy mill mama for years and now she just loves to be babied and she shakes when chloe is bothering her.

Chloe also is very aggressive when it comes to treats and will pin them down (not hurting them, just taking their treat away) that we obviously give them treats in different places. The vet thinks this is a stray mentality and I tend to agree, but what do we do about it?

Sorry this is so long, but Chloe also loves to just go sit on top of the other dogs or people. Does anyone know what that means?

Thanks for all your help!!!
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Sounds as though Chloe is a typical pup displaying puppy & dominant caracteristics at the same time.

Nada that some good one on one training methods and obediance training cant sort out.

I'd say put some kind of training method into play ASAP simply because she will be the larger dog of the pack.

Good luck with your progress.
I would suggest using NILIF (there's a sticky on it). That should help with the treats. Other than that, LOTS of obedience training and try to get her lots of exercise. Maybe you know someone with a dog that would enjoy playing with her or there's a dog park near by to satisfy her desire to play with other dogs. You could try redirecting her attention when she tries to play with the other dogs, using a favorite toy. That's what ended up working for Bentley when I take him to visit my parents. They have one dog that wants nothing to do with him and it took a while of doing this for it to sink in that he shouldn't even try to play with her. Training and patience will make it work.
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