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Too much calcium?

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OK, I'm sure I'm giving this WAY too much thought, LOL. But I thought it would be a good thing to know.

I give my dogs a raw egg with their kibble maybe twice a week. I just throw the egg into their bowls hard enough to crack it and let them take care of the rest. However, Penny eats the shells and the boys don't, so Penny cleans up after them. Will eating more shells than eggs unbalance anything? I'm sure this isn't an issue, due to the reduced frequency of egg feeding---if they got an egg with every meal it would be different. But just for my edification, how much calcium can dogs absorb from an eaten (not powdered) eggshell? I never see shell fragments in her poop. And how much calcium would it take to cause harmful effects?
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Monica Segal says 2.5 times optimal is doable. But how much is in the kibble? So much kibble seems to have way too much calcium for some reason. One egg shell supplements 2 pounds of meat IF absorbed of course. Even if you aren't noticing the shell it might not be absorbed.

I didn't think this much about my kids nutrition. They probably needed a lot more supervision to prevent them tearing down the house!
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