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Too many "treats"

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I have a chihuahua/min pin mix who is three years old. We just got her yesterday actually, and the previous lady who had her said to give it a treat everytime he goes to the bathroom. however, we take him to go out multiple times a day (since we live in an apartment) and i wonder if that is curbing his appetite for a meal becuase he never seems that interested in the food i put down for him.

I dunno if its because his full on treats, or if he misses his old home, or if he just doesnt like his food.

Any suggestions? itd be greatly appreciated.


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for my dog, he didn't eat much for the 1st week or so, but started to eat more after. I think giving too much treat is an affecting matter because my dog didnt touch his bowl for a few days because my mom would constantly treat him whenever she sees the dog (20x/day+dad+me)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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