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Too Many Hours in the Crate

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I just need advice on if this is okay or what I should do instead. Excuse the typos of any I am sending this from the mobile site.

I am picking up my puppy today. He is a 12 week papillon. He is coming from a different state and to avoid a trip twice as long we decided flying is the best option. Because of my schedule ot will also be a late flight. Ourtravel time is about 5-6 hours and we won't be at my house until almost midnight. Is it torture to have him sleep in the crate tonight? I have a larger wire crate but it doesn't have a divider and its too big for him as a puppy I'm afraid he'll soil in it. Would it be better to gate him in the bathroom for the night so he hasn't been crated for over 12 hours?

I do plan on taking him out. The crate and for a walk when we get home but I don't want to keep him up too late. B
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