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So my 6m/o 50lb pup presley gets REALLY excited at new people. In my house it's manageable bc I tel guests not to pet her at all if shes jumpy and spastic. I have even taught her that if peoples hands are up in the air she needs to calm down and sit. So at home I always say just put your hands up if she jumps on you and dont pet her until all 4 feet are on the ground.On walks she only talks to people I allow her to talk to. If i keep walking she does too. But my complex has this big unfenced "dog zone" right behind my building. i take her out there several times a day to play, go potty, and etc. However of my 3 neighbors only 1 is dog friendly and does not mind her over excited nature. Whenever presley sees new people she instantly bolts towards them and gets super jumpy and spastic. Even when I manage to grab a hold of her harness she still tries to fight me every second trying to get free and bolt towards them. And even when we'r eon walks if i allow her to talk to anyone she loses all her composure and goes full spastic. I always have treats with me to try adn get her to sit and calm down but she is way more people motivated than treat motivated in those instances. And i cant expect strangers to help me train her by putting their hands up every time. I need a training method I can do alone. I bought a long 30ft leash so I can let her out to run and play but still have some control over her when people walk by, but that's not a solution. That's just me stopping her from bolting to people and not actually teaching her manners and proper etiquette to talking to new people. What is a good way to train her to calm down around new people when outdoors and not in a home setting? I have yet to find any motivation for her to heel or recall when there's a new person walking by when she's unleashed. I've tried really high flavor treats, peanut butter, chicken or beef but all she can focus on is the person.
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