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Tomorrow, my dog will be crossing the bridge

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My beautiful yorkie of 14 years, is going to be crossing the bridge tomorrow. I'm extremely inconsolable and I don't know what to do. Just two weeks ago I took her to the vet and got medication but it wasn't for the right things. She kept throwing up and not eating so we took her to a different vet yesterday. Ran some tests and see that she has a severe kidney failure... It breaks my heart to see such an energetic so weak like this, she hasn't eaten in days. She only weighs 3.12 pounds now. She can't even walk or hold her head up and I know it's time. Is there any way to make her last day any better? I wanted to feed her all of her favorite foods and walk down our old neighborhood but at her state right now, both seem unlikely.. Even if there's nothing, I would greatly, greatly appreciate any kind words. I'm so scared to have her leave me and have me leave her but keeping her any longer is selfish I know. I pray that she does not pass during the night either.. I keep thinking about the euthanasia process and I don't know what to do.

Please and thank you.....
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My heart goes out to you. I have faced this day more often than I care to think about. It is never easy.
But know this... you are making this decision based on love, you are not doing it for yourself or for any selfish reason but pourely because you love her so much you know its the right thing to do.

You are giving her a release from pain and suffering you are allowing her to pass with dignity. Never underestimate how much that means.

Make sure you are with her, tell her you love her,,, let your hands be the last thing she feels and let your words of love be the last she hears.

My thoughts are with you at this terrible time.. We do understand and we do know the pain. Have courage.
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I'm so sorry to hear that you have gone through this as well.. I knew it would hurt but I never imagined it was to this extent. Is there any way to make the grieving process easier..? We sadly had to let her pass today as she was having a seizure.. It absolutely broke my heart to see that.. I'm not even sure if she was aware that we were with her or what was happening.. I keep replaying the whole event over and over again and it's not making anything easier. I don't even know what to do with all of her stuff.. I am sooo glad she isn't in pain anymore but I hope she wasn't scared and felt our love..
Thank you for your heartfelt message, it eased some of the sadness I am feeling. ?

I am glad that you felt our support and virtual hugs.
Know that you could not have prevented this and that letting her go was the best thing for her.

I must admit I made a memorial slide show for each of my boys. I couldnt bear the thought of their passing going un noted. I gathered photos and happy memories and put them together with music...

Time does take the rawness away but that sadness of loss never leaves you entirely.
Two years ago I was in a bar in Ireland where a local band was playing, someone started playing somewhere over the rainbow and I literally had to head for the ladies I was in tears.. Oscar passed in 2012.
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