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I need to trim my MiniS nails every couple of days.

I use a very fine diamond grinding stone. He was hurt as a pup at a groomer, they quicked all of his toes. Since then, he is very skittish of his nails. I tried many methods with guillotine and scissor type clippers, never had good results. Then I tried a grinder. First a course stone, but the vibration was unsettling to him. Now, I use a fine stone with minimal vibration. He doesn't like it, but will tolerate the task for 1 paw = 1 treat. His tolerance began with 1 toe = 1 treat. We have come a long way.

His nails grow fast and are very very hard. I know the grinder removes a very small amount. But I'm doing the task 3-4X each week and he still has "clicks" on tile floors. His front paws grow much faster than the back paws.

Are these hard, fast growing toenails a trait of Schnauzers? Anyone else with a similar issue? How do you handle the nail task?

Sorry Mods. I probably should have put this in the Grooming Forum. Move it, if needed.
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