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Today in the Day

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OMG, today is the day we groom Dallas ourselves. I took a before pic this morning and I'll take an after one later. However; unlike most before/after pics, this before may actually look better than the after :p. I just hope we get good at this and can groom her mostly at home with maybe a once or twice trip to the groomers yearly. Wish us luck
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How'd it go?
Well, it is much shorter than we wanted, but we only had one size blade, a size 10, not sure what size to buy yet. The pics actually make her hair look longer than it really is in the after pics. We obviously need a lot more practice. But here are before and after pics:



The mess:
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I think she turned out pretty good for being your first time doing it yourselves!
I think she turned out pretty good for being your first time doing it yourselves!
:) Thanks, actually my daughter did the cutting, I did the holding. we used scissors for her legs.
A 5f blade leaves a 1/4 inch of hair. You probably want a 4 or 5 for her body next time. Unless you want to leave more than you can invest in some combs that fit over a 30 blade. You can also use a comb over her legs to make the scissoring easier. My longest comb leaves 1 1/4 inch. They sell these at petsmart or petco, or you can buy online from petedge.

She looks fine for a groom at home. Not nearly as terrible as most home grooms that I have to fix!
Thanks, GroovyGroomer, i'll definitely look into more blades, etc.
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