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Today I received a painting of Sebastian.

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We did a handmade Secret Santa at my workplace. People were away and sick and this and that, and we didn't trade gifts until today. We had been planning since mid-November, though, well before we knew we would lose Sebastian. In fact, if I understand correctly, the woman who painted this for me spoke to my partner to ask for photos the day we found out Sebastian was dying and J brought him into the store so I could see him.

I'm really overwhelmed by the gesture and just want everyone to see it. It has immediately become one of my most treasured possessions. She really captured his spirit and personality extraordinarily well and more than any picture I have, it almost takes my breath away how much it is like looking into his eyes again. I love it, it's the most beautiful thing I have, but it's almost hard to look at. I still wanted to share.

And we're picking up Baelor and Shae on Tuesday. It's a lot, but we're very excited.

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