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Toby the Terrier [Mix]

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Here are a few pictures of him when we first got him. He was five months old, and I think we'd had him two days by this point:

Here he is now, nine months later (and over a year old)!

In fiance's arms:

Recently, I made a thread about he doesn't know how to entertain himself and how he will stand and wait for me to entertain him. Here is what I mean. LOL:


We're trying to figure out what kind of terrier mix he is. What d'ya think? Fiance thinks he has some German Shepherd in him, but I'm not sure.

In either case, this little pup has stolen my heart! :D
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Hard to say what kind of Terrier mix ... but he is an adorable little guy! :)
Thank you! I might be a BIT partial, but... agreed! :p
He's gorgeous! How big is he? Do you have any shots from the side with him standing up? It would be easier then to guess on his breed. I see JRT and not sure what else. I definitely wouldn't have guessed GSD based on the pictures, though.
I don't see German Shepherd either!

EDIT: Also, if this helps, he's about 50 lbs. He's already past a year old, so I doubt he'll get any bigger than this!

EDIT2: I owe Toby an apology. This is an ugly old couch that fiance refuses to get rid of because he's had it since he was a child. Ummmm, it's ugly and the arm is torn up. GET RID OF IT! Sorry, Toby, for forgetting that your dad was the real culprit here. LOL.
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Also, I apologize about the crappy cell phone photos.
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