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Hello, fellow dog lovers! My name is John, and I own a company called Pawfectly. I want to say I am honored to be a part of your forum.

We have been operating in the Dog Supply industry for literally over 50 years with brick and mortar stores. Recently we decided to take our business online. Our goal is to bring the freshest and highest quality prices to the masses at affordable prices.

For example, our USA made Pawfectly bully sticks come directly from a USDA butcher. Using manufacturers like this allows us to bring you 100% natural products with no additional chemicals whatsoever.

Although we have our Pawfectly line or products, like treats, shampoos, and eye stain remover; We carry a range of goods and brands to give you the selection you need.

So, after this semi-quick introduction, I would like to offer the first 50 people something very special for free.

I will send you a sample box including a few our products.

The box will include:
  • USA Bully Sticks
  • Bully Sticks - (ODOR FREE)
  • Bully Sticks - Regular (double thick)
  • Antlers
  • Bones
  • Assorted dog treats
  • Lung Steak
  • Pawfectly Delicious Appetite Enhancer
  • And more ;)
Here are some images of what you'll be getting!

Ok so to be one of the first 50 people to receive this offer reply to this post with the following:

  1. A picture of your dog containing a hand-written (or printed) sign saying Pawfectly. (just please don't photoshop it lol).
  2. Look over our website Pawfectly.com and tell us a product or brand you'd like to see on there, that we currently don't have.
  3. Allow me to use the picture on our website about this giveaway.
  4. Tell me if you have a small or large dog, even though I can probably tell from the picture, I'd rather be safe than sorry. This way I know to give you 6" or 12" bully sticks for example.

Once you're in the top 50, I'll send you a private message, and you can respond with your address so I can ship you out the goods! I will send your box out the next business day via Priority mail.

I'll list out everyone's forum name in this post who made the top 50.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this, being a part of our giveaway and learning about Pawfectly.com.

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone in the forums.
- John (Pawfectly)

PS: Expect A LOT of good discounts coming from Pawfectly.com within the coming days and weeks.
PPS: Send me a message if you need something that you may not see on our website. Odds are we carry it.
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